How it works

  1. Visit our website and start your consultation by filling in the appropriate injury form and selecting the appropriate package. You can save and return to the form at any point in time.

  2. After filling in the form you will need to pay for your chosen package.  You will then receive a confirmation email to confirm your purchase.

  3. After reviewing the information provided we will then provide you with access to our members only section*. In here you will have access to special content and our bookings system for appointments.

  4. We will then assist you if needed to schedule an appointment time that best suits you.

  5. Our assessment will be conducted in a very similar fashion like it would in a physiotherapy clinic. We are flexible in how we conduct this assessment. This can be discussed with the physiotherapist at the time.

  6. Following your appointment, your physiotherapist with produce a report that contains your diagnosis, your management plan, exercises and any recommendations within 24 hours*.

  7. Follow-up appointments can then be scheduled in conjunction with the specific physiotherapy package purchased.

    *Similar to a clinic setting, it may become apparent that you are not suitable for physiotherapy treatment. Your physiotherapist will communicate this to you if we feel it is necessary to have a further assessment by a medical practitioner, in need of imaging, it would be more beneficial for you to visit a physiotherapist in person or see a different therapist – either separately or together with your physiotherapist.


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