Frequently Asked Questions

Is my injury or disability suitable for an online physiotherapy consultation?

An online physiotherapy consultation is very beneficial and suitable for most injuries. If we believe this type of care is not suitable for you after reviewing your initial assessment we will give you a complete refund of your money.


From time to time, we may deem that some form of imaging is needed so further assessment may be needed by your general practitioner.


If we believe you may benefit from some form of manual therapy during your treatment we will discuss this with you.


If you are unsure if we can help you, then please contact us.

Do I need a referral from my doctor?

Whilst doctors do regularly refer patients for physiotherapy it is not a requirement to have a doctors referral in order to see a physiotherapist.

How can you diagnose my injury without seeing me in person?

Physiotherapists are highly trained in assessing a person and these skills take years to develop.


During a physiotherapists assessment process there is two main components. The first and most important component is the subjective assessment (history taking) and secondly the objective assessment (physical assessment). Accurate history taking is the best way to obtaining an accurate diagnosis. This aspect of the physiotherapists assessment can be performed well either in the flesh, on the phone or via video messaging by an experienced physiotherapist. By the end of the initial history taking the physiotherapist can be fairly certain of the diagnosis. The objective (physical) assessment is just to confirm this and establish some outcome measures that can be compared against at a later date for reference.


Similar to seeing a physiotherapist “in person” a webcam allows the clinician to assist a person through the physical examination. In theory, not every orthopaedic test is possible to perform but most tests only require the patient to copy the movement of the therapist. The information that the therapist gathers from these movements is in relation to the pain that is reproduced and the range of movement.

What types of injuries, illnesses or disabilities can you help with?

Generally, the most common type of physiotherapy is musculoskeletal physiotherapy. Common musculoskeletal injuries include neck or back pain, ankle sprains or rehabbing following orthopaedic surgery. PhysioWard Online is much like any outpatient clinic or private practice you may attend with your injury.


Two other main fields of physiotherapy are neurology or cardiorespiratory physiotherapy. A patient may see a neurorehab physiotherapist following a stroke or if they are suffering from multiple sclerosis. Cardiorespiratory physiotherapy focuses on issues around the heart and lung.


PhysioWard Online is a new and ever expanding online clinic providing a mixed vast range of physiotherapy expertise for our clients.

Can I claim these appointments back through my health insurance provider?

Yes, a number of health funds are now providing coverage for telehealth physiotherapy consults. There are some that are not participating unfortunately, to check if your health fund participates, click here and go to “Participating Health Funds”


We will provide you with a receipt that contains the physiotherapist’s name and provider number along with date and the service provided. You may then be able to submit a form for reimbursement to your insurance provider.


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