About Us

About PhysioWard Online

Samuel Ward is the founder of PhysioWard Online – a current practicing physiotherapist, keen rugby union player and golfing enthusiast.

PhysioWard Online is all about making physiotherapy more accessible and time efficient for our patients.

Sam completed his undergraduate studies and Masters of Physiotherapy at the University of Sydney. He has developed a keen interest in exercise based rehabilitation. Sam has worked closely with elderly people running exercise classes, elite athletes of all ages, corporate cliental and has also provided physiotherapy for people with cerebral palsy.

PhysioWard Online specialises in providing online physiotherapy consultations. Instead of spending valuable time travelling to see a physiotherapist we provide physiotherapists who can assist you with your injury at anytime and from anywhere when it suits you via your computer or smartphone.

Developments in modern technology have enabled physiotherapists to conduct thorough injury assessments and manage rehabilitation programs from a distance. Studies show that tele-rehabilitation (rehab via distance) is a valid and highly reliable way to treat a large range of musculoskeletal and neurological conditions. Benefits also extend to areas such as women and men’s health along with cardiorespiratory conditions.

Alternatively, if you would rather hands-on treatment, Sam runs PhysioWard Sports & Rehab in Brookvale, NSW 2100.